Rice Diet Right for Fans

Rice is one of the sources of carbohydrates are a main food for the people of Indonesia. Some say that, our society cannot live without rice. There's even a typical person who feels that he has not been as severe if not eat rice as the main menu. In fact, he had to eat a large burger.

Rice Diet Right for Fans
You include people with that typical? Many Indonesian people who really like it. Well this will be very inconvenient when you are overweight and want to obtain the ideal body weight by reducing excess return. The problem is, when the last weight loss program, diet and maintained and managed it back. Sat one thing is carbohydrate intake should be reduced as the highest contributor of calories in a dish.

When we are in diet progresses, carbohydrate does not have to be avoided at all because it is one source of carbohydrate energy to the body. But definitely portion or the number would be reduced. Reduce the portion of rice for those who love to eat ansi certainly not an easy matter. To do that you need a trick following a diet composed of rice for their fans.

1. Avoid drinks carbohydrate
Is there any drinks that contain carbohydrates yes. There. example is the vodka tonic, root beer and orange juice. Third drink contains pure carbohydrates. The number of calories contained by the drink is about 100 calories even more. So, if you want to lose weight effectively avoid carbonated drinks and sugary drinks. Choose white water obviously good for health and also calorie-free.

2. Select the type of carbohydrate that's right for you
Avoid foods with white flour. Examples are pasta, donuts or muffins. Contained carbohydrate foods are digested quickly enough and make the amount of blood sugar in our body rapidly rising. With so after ate it, people tend to feel hungry again sooner.
Instead, you choose food sources of complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans or brown rice. These foods are also rich in fiber to make people who eat them feel full in a relatively long time. That way you will not feel hungry and eat quickly in a controlled portion.
3. Follow and apply the rules of 2-3-3

Rice is a delicious food. It is to be recognized. After eating rice we will feel comfortable and free from hunger. But which lulled by it. You have to set that portion of calories in your body are not excessive and confusing program your weight loss diet.
Follow the 2-3-3 rule and apply the following to get the calories in the body is not excessive:
- 2 servings of grains and preferably no more (one serving is equivalent to half a cup of whole wheat noodles or rice, or two pieces of bread).
- 3 servings of fruit as a substitute
- Or 3 glasses of milk at a dose of 220 ml in each cup.

4. Increase consumption of fish
Many diet programs that require us to increase the number of protein intake and reduce the intake of carbohydrates. A pretty good source of protein is fish. Moreover, in our country, being one of the fish food that is easy to find and the price is relatively affordable.

Consumption of fish believed to help body streamlining processes. Try to forget the pasta or bread. Replace it with fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

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