How to buy bed covers that are perfect for your bed?

Looking to buy bed covers but cannot understand how to make a choice from the wide variety in bed covers online? Bed covers are created to protect your bed sheets and pillows from accumulating dust, stains and dirt and also make laundering easier. Additionally , they also change the entire look of your bedding ensemble by creating a layered look that is structured yet luxurious, and it isn't difficult to find the right bed covers online for every mood, occasion and season.

Here are some tips you can use when looking to buy bed covers:

•When you look at bed covers online, make sure that you read the size specifications correctly. Remember that while your bed cover will need to cover the exact length of the bed, you also want to have extra fabric that hands down from 3 sides, so as to create a beautiful ethereal look. Account for 4 inches or more extra on all 3 sides and then calculate the size of bed cover you should buy.

•Think of the style of bedcover you want. In rooms with a traditional decor, bright colourful cotton bed covers that can cover the pillows and tucked in a little to create a bulge and then hang down from there look beautiful. Make sure you buy a whole set so that extra pillows can match with the bedcover for a complete look. In contemporary rooms, it is better to choose designer bed covers or even silk bed covers that are chic and simplistic but luxurious at the same time. Here, the oversized style will not work and you should tuck away all the ends of the cover under the mattress to show off the simple straight lines of the bed.

•For a casual room, quilted bed covers work best. These are usable all year round and not only give the bed a structured and cosy look, they also double up as blankets to sleep in. These are also perfect for children's rooms and you can find many designs in single duvet bed covers with cartoon figures and animated pictures to create an exciting fun look for your kid's room.

•Look for fabrics and colours that match with your decor style. However , do not forget to consider that when you buy bed covers, you should be able to wash them and care for them at home. Though some silk bed covers require dry clean only, there a large variety of simpler bedcovers that can easily be washed at home.

•Go for seasonal looks like summery linen duvet bed covers or wintery velvet designer bed covers. Buying a bed cover for every season keeps your interiors looking crisp and stylish and also brings the fun of every season in to your indoors.

•For a coordinated look, match the bed covers you buy to your bed sheets and pillow covers. This way, you have the flexibility to keep the pillows under the cover, or use them over the cover for a coordinated look. The print of the bed cover and the bed sheet doesn't have to be the same; is only needs to be in the same colour palette, or the bed cover you buy could be in the accent colours found in your sheet, or even vice versa.

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