Overcoming Write Protected Error on USB stick

Overcoming Write Protected Error on USB stick
Maybe my friend tosu777 ™ techno ever having problems on the flash, the flash cannot store data when there is enough memory, and display a warning that the flash is formatted ask but when we do the formatting appears more or less like this message "The disk is write-protected", the flash is locked cannot be formatted USB flash resulting format failed.

How to fix a Write Protected USB stick is actually pretty easy to format the pendrive with Windows Safe Mode, as explained below:
First Step to login Windows with safe mode:
Restart your computer / laptop.
Once completed BIOS POST or before the Windows logo appears quickly press the F8 key, or if not want complicated press the F8 key aja since the computer starts booting, if you do it right it will appear as shown below:

Step two Select Safe Mode and press ENTER
The third step, after logging into Windows with Safe Mode, then format your USB stick by right clicking on the USB drive and click Format (select / checklist is a quick format only)
If this step is successful it will display the message "Format is Complete"

To make sure that the flash is normal condition, then the computer / laptop restart and boot normally and then check again with the stick condition copy the data and remove it.

Thus tutorial on this occasion, may be useful.

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